• Event Production & Execution

    • Corporate Events
    • Non-Profit Fundraisers
    • Corporate
    • Weddings & Private Events
    • Local & National Conferences
  • Whether it’s a wedding with 100 guests or a community event with over 1000 participants, the best events leave your guests glad to be in relationship with you and convinced that their life has been impacted for the better. They are also inspired to do their best for themselves and for others. Your guests are your customers. Genesis pours its combined 30+ years of event production and execution into helping your guests feel honored and inspired right from the beginning to the incredible ending.

  • Ministry & Business Consulting

    • Career-Matching
    • Project Evaluation
    • Capacity Building
    • Customer-Centered Solutions
    • Creative outreach & marketing concepts
  • Through our relationships with our clients, we have seen where we can provide additional consulting services. Genesis helps churches, non-profits, and for-profit clients find ways to increase their effectiveness through program evaluation, capacity building, and niche marketing strategies.

  • Financial Security Advocacy

    • Community Organizing
    • Custom Employee Trainings
    • Personal Financial Presentations & Workshops
    • Research & Development of Financial Models
  • Genesis is also committed to making an impacting in the community we serve through Financial Security Advocacy and Education. We conduct financial workshops on budgeting, saving, avoiding predatory lending, and other topics. We also work with non-profit organizations, grassroots leaders, and for-profit financial service providers to find legislation, products, and services that help “Everyday Joe and Janice” to meet their financial goals.


    • Full-service travel agent planning & services
    • Do it yourself service – hotel, flight, and transportation options
    • For more information, visit our site: genesisconsulting.inteletravel.com
  • We are Genesis Consulting Travel Agency specializing in luxury travel experiences all over the world. No matter where you want to go, our travel experts will get you there. Your Personal Travel Advisor will develop a clear, easy-to-follow itinerary – taking every detail into consideration. We focus on times, reservations, tours, dining, entertainment, and much more – allowing you to skip the worry and simply enjoy your trip.


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